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      GlFTPdWatcher is a small FREEWARE tool to help you handle the SITE commands of the »glFTPd ftp demon, which is maybe the best ftpd software out there for Linux and other Unixes. As far as I know, all current commands are supported by the program und put together in logical groups. As user of this program you don't have to know the correct syntax for the commands. Simply select the task you want to do and supply the parameters.

      Note: This is no ftp client! You can not download or upload files with it! It is just for administrative purposes.

    Operating System:

      GlFTPdWatcher needs a Win32 based operating system. It has been tested on MS Windows 2000, MS Windows 98 and MS Windows XP Professional.

    Version History:

      2004-08-25: version - »download zip (174k)
      • version included an ini-file that already hinted to default parameters which where not yet implemented in that version, so:
      • added support for default parameters
      2004-08-01: version - »download zip (174k)
      • first off, sorry for the long time until this update, I was and am terribly busy, but I may get help soon.
      • small bugfixes
      • switch to 2003
      • Windows XP design supported now
      • commands can be configured and extended manually in ini file now
      • added support for multiple commands in one step
      2001-09-02: version - »download zip (25k)
      • initial release
      • currently all known site commands of glftpd 1.24 are supported
      • commands are sorted by type
      • speed buttons contain most usual no param commands
      • history list saves connections to speed up reconnect, passwords are not stored
      • possibility to send raw commands
      • anti idle feature with custom site command
      • testet on w2k sp2 and win98se

    Known Bugs:

    • cosmetic: In MS Windows NT 4.0 the colors in the scrolling window are wrong.
    • not so nice: On some systems the scrolling window does not automatically scroll down on new commands.

    Future Plans:

    • not so soon: browse through ftp directories

    Bug reports and feature requests:

      Please send your bug reports and feature requests to If my time allows it, I will send an answer and try to fix the bugs or have a look at your feature request.

letzte Änderung: 2002-02-03